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Gilmer County Economic Development Association

Mission Statement

- To foster, promote, further and advance the social, cultural, agricultural, commercial, industrial, civic, economic, and general interest of Gilmer County, West Virginia, and its surrounding territory.

- To promote and encourage the development of Gilmer County and the best interests of its citizens.

- To collect and distribute information relative to the County of Gilmer and its surrounding territory, its resources, potentialities, opportunities and advantages, and aid in the procurement of new industries and business opportunities.

- To aid and encourage members of this association in their respective businesses, trades, or professions.

- To cooperate with any and all other organizations in promoting the general welfare and civic betterment of the County of Gilmer and its surrounding territory.

- To render all practical and proper assistance to private citizens and business concerns of the county and its surrounding territory which will, directly or indirectly, be beneficial to the community in general.

- To do and perform all things usual and customary for associations of this kind, including affiliation and cooperation with state and national organization of like character or purpose.

- To do and perform all other things necessary or incidental to the carrying out of the purposes hereinafter set forth.

What lies behind us and what lies before us, are tiny matters compared to what lies within us. -Ralph Waldo Emerson

Board Members

We are honored to provide a list of the Board of Directors for the Gilmer County Economic Development Association (GCEDA). If you have questions or require additional information regarding Gilmer County, please do not hesitate to contact any director.

Jeff Campbell - President

Kathy Gilbert - Vice President

Mary Lee McPherson - Secretary

Daisy Fryman-Bailey - Treasurer

Bryan Groves

Cliff Thrasher

Joseph Yeager

Debbie Ruppert

Anita Simpson

David Millard


Susan Stalnaker-Ware - Director

Anna James - Bookkeeper

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Industrial Park

Our first Industrial Park was a huge success and is the only Industrial Park in the state that has been completely sold out. There are many other locations suited for business operations, and both the GCEDA and the State of West Virginia offer valuable incentives to businesses that locate within the county. The GCEDA is aggressively pursuing the creation of a second Industrial Park and was fortunate to receive a grant to purchase land for a new Industrial Park. The GCEDA offered developed land in the first Industrial Park at a reasonable price to businesses which would create a significant amount of jobs for our local community!

The first Gilmer County Industrial Park had 34 acres available when it opened and is located near Stouts Mills, on State Route 5, approximately 6 miles off I-79. The chart below provides a profile of that development.

Whether you're starting a new business, planning a new plant warehouse, hi-tech or back office operation or thinking about relocating, Gilmer County has what you're looking for. Located just minutes from Interstate 79, Gilmer County is a prime location for industry and allows quick access to a full range of industrial activity and retail consumers. This, coupled with a ready supply of natural resources and labor, creates a diverse base of talent and business energy.

Significant tax incentives are available to companies locating or expanding in Gilmer County. The "Super Tax Credit," the most far-reaching tax credit offered by any state, can eliminate up to 90% of your capital investment through state tax credits. The "Corporate Headquarters Credit" can result in a credit of up to 50% of your investment in relocating your corporate headquarters here.

Lignetics of West Virginia, the nations largest manufacturer of pellet fuel, chose the Gilmer County site for it's third plant and is now in operation employing over 40 people.

Park Information

City: Glenville
County: Gilmer
Interstate Access: I-79
Rail Access: CSX
Size and Utilities
Park Acreage: 34 acres
Available Acreage: Sold Out
Contiguous Acreage: 9 acres
Electric: Allegheny Power
Water: Glenville PSD
Gas: Eastern American
Sewer: None, on-site treatment plant.